International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 7, No. 1, Janaury 2020 Pages: 20 - 29
Investigating Relationship between Talent Management and Human Resource Productivity with the Mediation Role of Organizational Creativity in ABFA
Arman Moghaddas , Mohsen Jajarmizadeh , Narges Abbasi
Corresponding author:
The talented and capable Human Resource is the main competitive advantage for any organization, and in the light of this competitive advantage, deficiencies and shortcomings of other resources will also be compensated. Hence, studying how the three variables of Talent Management, Human Resource Productivity, and Organizational Creativity can affect each other in any organization can reveal the latent potentials of Human Resources. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between Talent Management and Human Resource Productivity, considering the mediating role of Organizational Creativity in Shiraz Water Company (Known as ABFA). The statistical population of this study includes 130 experts and managers of ABFA. According to Cochran formula, 97 research sample was calculated, who filled out the questionnaires. Questionnaire was the main tool for data collection and measurement of research variables and Cronbach’s Alpha was used to determine the reliability of the variables. In addition, SPSS and LISREL were used for data analysis. As a result, the relationship between Talent Management and Productivity, as well as the relationship between Organizational Creativity and Productivity, was positive, but the relationship between Talent Management and Organizational Creativity was only positive at the graduated level (MA and PhD experts and managers). Given these relationships, it can be concluded that the Organizational Creativity (as a mediating variable) can have a positive impact on the relationship between the two other variables at Shiraz Water Company.
Talent Management, Human Resource Productivity, Organizational Creativity, ABFA
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