International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 2, No. 4, April 2015 Pages: 325 - 338
Emotion and Sponsorship: Case of Television Sponsorship
Faouzia Mida, Imed Zaiem
Corresponding author:
Sponsorship is a mode of communication that has led to the emergence of a growing body of literature. Most studies on sponsorship focused on the latter’s effectiveness yet were limited to the study of the influence of individual and situational variables. It was only recently that research on sponsorship had developed an interest in emotions. Some authors have addressed this issue from an empirical standpoint. The present article attempts to examine the impact of emotional reactions to a sponsored program on consumer behavior in terms of the attitude towards the brand and the purchase intention. The empirical study focused on the case of television sponsorship and specifically on sports programs in Tunisia. A survey was conducted on a sample of 200 individuals. The results show the positive effect of emotions on attitude towards the brand and the purchase intention.
Attitude, intention, emotion, sponsorship.
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