International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 2, No. 3, March 2015 Pages: 219 - 232
The Effect of Marketing of Bank Services on Customers’ Preference of Private Banks: Case Study of Mellat and Tejarat Banks in Khorasan Razavi Province
Fatemeh Faramarzpour, Alireza Mahmoudzadeh
Corresponding author:
Marketing in any banks is a subsystem interacting with all bank subsystems and consequently with the main system that is the bank integrity. Improving marketing system causes improvement in other systems and finally improves the whole bank. On the other hand, enhancing others systems also will influence marketing system. Marketing is a lost, forgotten and wanderer service in Iran banking system that requires a serious and immediate attention at macro and micro levels. Marketing will be truly valued in Iran banking system once bank owners believe in marketing goals, responsibilities, and achievements and view it the inherent of all banking efforts. The present research studies the effect of banking service marketing on clients’ preference in selecting private banks. Research hypotheses examined through using multiple regression test and SPSS software. According to obtained results, marketing of banking services influences clients’ preference in choosing private bank in Neyshabur, Iran.
Marketing of banking services, marketing mix, client’s preference
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