International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 2, No. 6, June 2015 Pages: 558 - 570
Strategic Analysis of Business Portfolios: Case Study of Chabahar Fishery Cluster
Amin Reza Kamalian , Meisam Ghasemnezhad
Corresponding author:
Today, competitive advantages of businesses with various products are dependent on a competitive analysis and developing a relevant strategy. One of the effective frameworks by which one can assess business portfolios is the General Electric (GE) Matrix, which itself focuses on two aspects namely market attractiveness and the business strengths. Therefore, this study asks what is the contribution of each of Chabahar Fishery Cluster’s business units, as far as the competitive advantages and relevant strategies of each unit are concerned? The objective of the study is then defined as how to identify the gap between market attractiveness in fishing industry and potentials of Chabahar Fishery Cluster and to provide appropriate strategies in line with the GE Matrix. Chabahar Fishery Cluster’s managers have been chosen as the target statistical population of the study. Marketing Management software is used to analyze data and results show those units which produced canned fish enjoyed better positions among other parts of the Cluster.
General Electric (GE) Matrix, businesses potentials, the industries’ gravity, portfolio analysis, Marketing Management software
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