International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 2, No. 6, June 2015 Pages: 609 - 619
Electronic Customer Relationship Management: Opportunities and Challenges of Digital World
Hamid Sadeghi Rad, Mojtaba Ghorabi, Mahdi Rafiee, Vahid Sadeghi Rad
Corresponding author:
Management information systems (MIS) considerably changed business processes. According to this, Electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) emerged in conjunction with evolution of traditional customer relationship management in e-business contexts. In an analogy, Electronic customer relationship management is similar to a double-edged sword i.e. it provides some opportunities for the system performers, on one side; and challenges the firms, on the other side. In this paper we are seeking for marketing opportunities such as better communication and interactions with customers as well as created choices regarding any customer data storage that ECRM offered as a potential source to benefit from firms’ competitive advantages. On the other hand, it studies the challenges including on-line channel management as well as integrating data and issues related to information technology architecture firms encounter in implementing ECRM.
E-business, Electronic customer relationship management (ECRM)
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