International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 2, No. 9, September 2015 Pages: 1110 - 1121
Opportunities and Challenges in the World of Retailing and the Importance of Adaption to the New Markets
Wong Fui Yeng, Rashad Yazdanifard
Corresponding author:
Global retailing is a sizzling topic nowadays as retailing has evolved into a global, high-tech industry that plays an important role in the global economy. This leads to a trend of the retailing activities practiced by many of retailers to look for expansion in new locations around the world in order to gain more profit and bigger market share. This paper will be discussing the global retailers and their global franchise opportunities as well as the diverse offer and technology for global expansion. On the other hand, the challenges faced by global retailers in international expansion are also discussed in this paper. Lastly, it is important for global retailers to recognize on how to get the globalization right in order to be a successful global retailer.
Global retailing, global retailers, global franchise, technology for global expansion, diverse offer, challenges of global retailers, globalization right.
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