International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 2, No. 9, September 2015 Pages: 1005 - 1019
Assessing the Evaluation Models of Business Intelligence Maturity and Presenting an Optimized Model
Ruhollah Tavallaei, Sajad Shokohyar, Seyedeh Mehrsa Moosavi, Zahra Sarfi
Corresponding author:
The main purpose of this study is to present a new Business Intelligence Maturity Model according to the prior models and their available components to review the level of Business Intelligence maturity in organizations. The business maturity helps all organizations to get safe and effective operations without extra troubles and, executive expenses and trial & error through reporting and data analyzing. Today we can strongly claim that applying the business intelligence solution in an organization makes it more powerful and discriminates it from the others by the increase in competitiveness. This solution causes organizations to use competitive advantages and pioneer through available information. This is a practical research in which we use a survey descriptive method and matter. The result of the study is to create a new model in order to study the level of business intelligence maturity in the banking industry which has maturity levels including initial, immature, controlled, managed and mature, and effective infrastructures on BI system which contains technology, organizational culture, and rules.
Information system, Business Intelligence, Maturity Model, infrastructures.
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