International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 2, No. 11, November 2015 Pages: 1349 - 1356
The Relationship between Negotiation Skills of Managers and Organizational Health
Hossein Jalilvand
Corresponding author:
The present study is an attempt to survey the relationship between managers’ negotiation skills and organizational health. To this end, North Khorasan Health Insurance General Organization was selected as the case study (2013-2014). Regarding the purpose, the study is an applied work and as to methodology and nature, it is descriptive correlative work. Study population was comprised of all employees of the organization. Two standard questionnaires of negotiation skills based on Pierr’s model measures and Milez’s organizational health questionnaires were distributed among 100 members of the study population. The collected data were examined in SPSS19 using Pearson and Friedman’s Correlation based on the proposed hypotheses. The findings supported the main hypothesis of relationship between the elements of negotiation skills and organization health at confidence level of 99%. Therefore, there is a need to take the negotiation skills elements into account when it comes to organizational health.
Negotiation skills, realistic style, analytical style, normative skills, intuitive skill, organizational health
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