International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 3, No. 5, May 2016 Pages: 336 - 353
Well-developed Energy Exchange; A Pathway to an Economic Boom
Mahmoud Karimi , Vali-Allah Aeineh Negini
Corresponding author:
Energy exchange development is an integral part of economic development. The fact that extended provision and use of energy services is firmly associated with economic development leaves open how significant energy is as a causal factor in economic development, however; and on the other side energy sector development competes with other opportunities for scarce capital and opportunities for policy and institutional reform. In this paper we first give a brief conceptual introduction that seeks to depict the structure of the paper into three sections. We then show the importance of a well-functioning energy exchange as a key on the way of economic development. Next, we describe the most important pre-conditions for a well-developed energy exchange. Finally, we suggest some solutions that can accelerate the development process. The evidence shows regulations as the most important factor and government as the best supportive body in the development process.
Energy exchange, Development, Economic growth.
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