International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 3, No. 11, November 2016 Pages: 746 - 757
Investigating the Efficiency of Tejarat Bank Information Systems in Presenting Reports to the Managers
Meysam Aminizadeh, Ma'soumeh Dehghani, Mehdi Ebrahimi nejad
Corresponding author:
This study aims to investigate the efficiency of Tejarat Bank information systems and the extent to which bank managers apply these systems. Today's condition of trading and competitive atmosphere and the evolution in financial and banking systems of countries has highlighted the need for a comprehensive and responsive evolution to satisfy the society's needs in any developing and sustainable economy. In this study, some hypotheses have been formulated to assess and evaluate the present systems from various dimensions. This study was carried out in all branches of Tejarat Bank in Kerman Province in 2014. The data collected in this research was through questionnaire and field study, and the analysis of the hypotheses was through statistical tests. Findings showed that Tejarat Bank accounting information system has great potentiality and efficiency in providing the bank managers with adequate information but also showed that, on the other side, the bank mangers made the least use of the information presented by these systems.
information systems, information systems efficiency, Tejarat Bank
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