International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 1, No. 2, September 2014 Pages: 163 - 175
Spiritual Intelligence: Aspects, Components and Guidelines to Promote It
Mahdi Esmaili , Hamid Zareh , Mahdi Golverdi
Corresponding author:
During human history, spirituality is crystallized in different ways and there are many discussions about it. Today, one issue respected by behavior and psychology scholars is spiritual intelligence. It is highly respected not only in individual but also in organizational areas while in addition to psychological fields; it is entered into other human science areas including management. In present paper, different definitions are provided on spiritual intelligence and then its components and aspects are studied in the perspective of different practitioners and finally the ways to promote, grow and enhance spiritual intelligence are pointed out. Author’s broad investigations indicate that there is no consensus on the aspects and components of spiritual intelligence and he believes that such heterogeneity is due to different definitions by connoisseurs on spirituality and their different values and cultures.
Intelligence, spiritual intelligence, aspects, components
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