International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 3, No. 10, October 2016 Pages: 635 - 649
The Effectiveness of Sale Methods in Liability Insurance for Physicians and Paramedics: Case Study of Asia Insurance Company in Sabzevar
Abdorreza Asadi, Zahra Vazifehdar Yazd
Corresponding author:
So far, the issue of security was especially interested by human being from various economic, cultural, social, political and military aspects. Insurance is increasingly developing (expanding) due to the growing of social culture, increased conflicts of interests with the interests of the public and people. Liability insurance policy among various policies is placed at a superior position and is largely influenced by customer selection. The main objective of this research is to identify sale methods and effectiveness evaluation indicators and to study sale methods’ effectiveness and finally, to rank them. Research statistical population included some vendors of Asia insurance company in Sabzevar city. Research sample included 160 individuals that were selected using Cochran formula. Data were collected through using a questionnaire. This is a descriptive survey; research hypotheses are provided to achieve the aforementioned objectives. The results were examined by one-sample t-test. According to the results of the main hypothesis, physicians and paramedic sale methods of liability insurance are effective and validated. The first sub-hypothesis of effective consulting marketing of physicians and paramedics’ insurance liability is maintained. The second hypothesis of relationship sale influencing physicians and paramedics’ insurance liability is maintained. The third hypothesis of effectiveness of the adaptive marketing in the physicians and paramedics’ insurance liability is also maintained. According to Friedman ranking test conducted in this study, consulting method places the first and the adoptive and relational methods are ranked second and third, respectively.
Insurance liability, consulting marketing, affiliate marketing, adaptive marketing
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