International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 4, No. 10, October 2017 Pages: 989 - 1001
The Impact of Organizational Structure on the Effectiveness of Communication from the Perspective of Employees in the Department of Education
Ghasem Ansari Renani , Bakhtiar Ghaderi , Omar Mahmoudi
Corresponding author:
The aim of the present research investigates the relation between organizational structure and effectiveness of communication. The research methodology is survey and correlative. All employees of Marivan education department were chosen as the statistical population that 92 persons of them were chosen through Sampling Morgan Table. The questionnaire was used to collect data. Experts’ view and Cronbach’s alpha was used for the validity and reliability of the inventory. Research data were analyzed by SPSS17 and LISREL 8.50 Software's. Statistical methods of Pearson correlation and structural equation modeling were used to analyze the data. The research results showed that organizational structure has a direct and positive relationship with ineffective communication. Also results showed that centralization, complexity and formality had the most influence on ineffective communication in current research sample respectively. In other words with increasing centralization, complexity and formality communication (diagonal ,horizontal, upward and downward) in different levels of organization become ineffective.
Organizational structure, communication, department of education.
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