International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 5, No. 6, June 2018 Pages: 473 - 481
Social Media Orientation and SME Export Performance: A Conceptual Framework
Muhammad Imran , Zhaoquan Jian
Corresponding author:
This study proposes a research framework of the relationship between social media orientation (SMO) and SME export performance. This framework developed based on extensive literature. There are very few studies have looked into the relationship between SMO and SME export performance, especially in the context of developing countries. Furthermore, literature failed to find the consistency in the relationship between SMO and SME performance, which motivated for future studies to corroborate the relationship between SMO and SME performance specially in context of foreign markets. This study delivers useful information and adds knowledge of the literature pointing to increase their business performance specially export business performance. Future studies should validate empirically the proposed research framework.
Social Media Orientation, SMEs, Export Performance
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