International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 5, No. 12, December 2018 Pages: 923 - 954
Assessment of Extended E-S-Qual Model in an M-Commerce Setting
Omkar Dastane , Muhammad Ifwan Bin Md Jalal , Karthik Selvaraj
Corresponding author:
The research goal is to fill the current research gap by determining the service factors that influence M-commerce Apps customer satisfaction and loyalty in Malaysia by adopting e-service quality (e-SQ) model and relationship quality theories in the context of mobile commerce apps. A framework proposed by Zeithaml, et al., (2005) for e-service quality (e-SQ) and its extension is used to study the influence of service quality on customer satisfaction and loyalty in the context of M-commerce. The data is collected through administered online survey with sample of 152 respondent selected using convenience sampling in order to test the hypotheses of the proposed framework model. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) as well as path analysis is carried out using AMOS 22. The results of this study show that, out of all service quality elements, only fulfilment has the highest significant influence on customer satisfaction, while privacy has the highest significant impact on customer loyalty. This also mean, adopting e-SQ model as it is for mobile businesses can be erroneous. This research is useful and has important implication for marketers, businesses that are looking to improve M-Commerce by understanding customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in relation with e-SQ among Malaysian working professionals. Academically, it uncovers need to investigate service quality factors specifically for mobile businesses.
M-Commerce, E-Service quality (e-SQ), Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, Mobile Consumers.
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