International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 6, No. 1, Janaury 2019 Pages: 48 - 61
On the Relationship between Export Market Orientation and Export Performance of Tehran Home Appliances Exporting Companies
Farhad Nezhad Irani , Vida Salimi
Corresponding author:
The rapid increase in the global trade in the last two decades has given prominence to the export performance of companies implying the extent to which they achieve strategic and economic goals for exporting products to foreign markets. The present study explores the relationship between export market orientation and export performance of home appliances exporting companies in Tehran, Iran. A total of 85 companies were selected from the list of 734 exporters of Tehran in 2016. Two standard questionnaires were utilized including export market orientation (Nagy & Beracs, 2012), and export performance of exporting companies (Lin, Huang & Peng, 2014) whose reliability and validity indices were assessed through Cronbach's alpha coefficient and content validity approach, respectively. Also, in order to test the main hypothesis of the research, Smart PLS was used. The results of this study demonstrated a positive and direct relationship between export market orientation and export performance. The findings of the study suggest that exporting companies may boost their export performance through export market orientation with respect to the needs of customers and rivals of the export market and market entry routes.
Global trade, export market orientation, export performance, home appliances exporting companies, market entry
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