International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 5, No. 12, December 2018 Pages: 905 - 922
Factors Affecting Islamic Clothing Purchase Decision by the Mediating Role of Word of Mouth
Mohammad Mokhtari , Seyyed Morteza Ghayoor , Behzad Hassannezhad Kashani
Corresponding author:
By investigating the human life and its evolutions, it can be conceived that human, from the beginning of creature, has attempted to prepare a suitable clothes for himself. The history shows that all divine religions, particularly Islam, have paid a special attention to the human covering as a natural need and value. Accordingly, covering issue and Islamic clothing is the core problem of this research. The current study aims to investigate the factors affecting the purchase decision of Islamic clothing by the mediating role of word of mouth. This is a survey research using 5-points Likert scale to collect research data. The reliability of the research tool was acknowledged by Cronbach alpha and its validity was confirmed using face and content validity. The population of the research is the female residents of Mashhad, Iran. The sample size is 384, calculated by the Cochran’s formula, which was surveyed by the convenience non-probability sampling method. Structural Equation Modeling was used for the data analysis and testing the research hypotheses by applying SMART-PLs and SPSS software. Research findings showed that customer trust and satisfaction have positive and significant effects on customer purchase decision. In addition, customer satisfaction and trust influence the customer purchase decision indirectly by the mediating role of word of mouth. It was also found that the word of mouth has a positive and significant effect on purchase decision. It should be noted that customer satisfaction is more influential than customer trust in affecting the word of mouth leading to customer purchase decision.
Satisfaction, Trust, Word of mouth, Purchase decision, Islamic clothing
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