For authors

International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics (IJMAE) welcomes original manuscripts in all branches of theory and practice of business discipline including management, accounting and economics. This journal places emphasis on quality and originality of the work and looks for novel findings and methods.

Manuscript Types

Authors can submit their manuscripts in forms of Research, Literature review, Case study, Conceptual, Viewpoint, General review, Book review


English manuscripts must not previously published nor under the consideration for publication in any other journal or book, in whole or in part.

Manuscripts which have presented in a conference before submission can be considered for review providing that there is substantial change in whole body or results.

Translated Manuscripts which have been published previously in a journal which its language is not English can be submitted provided that prior approval has been granted by the first Publisher, and that full and prominent disclosure of its original source is given at the time of submission.

Manuscript Style

All authors must prepare their manuscripts based on the following requirements otherwise their papers will be rejected at the initial stage.

File Format Word document 2007
Types of Files Cover letter
Manuscript Template
English; poor English writing will be leaded to rejection of the manuscript
Title Not more than 18 words
Abstract Purpose, methodology, findings [Indentation: before and after text: 0.75, Special: First line by 0.5, Line spacing: before 12 after 0 single]
Fonts Title: 20 Times New Roman (Bold)
Body text: 12 Times New Roman
Headings: 13 Times New Roman (Bold)
Sub-headings: 13 Times New Roman (Italics)
Tables and Figures: 12 Times New Roman
Praghraph General; Justified, Body text, Left to right/ Indentation: before and after text: 0, Special: First line by 0.5 cm, Spacing: before 12 after 0 single
Margins Margins must be 3 cm for all four sides (A4)
Tables and Figures All tables and figures must be well-formatted, numbered and labeled. They can be embedded either within the text or at the end of the manuscript. The tables caption should be set above the table and the figure caption should be set below the figure. All tables and figures have to be mentioned and referred in the text with their relevant numbers


All formulas must be typed, numbered and referred in the text. Please use Microsoft Office Word or any other similar softwares to write formulas and do not insert pictures

References All references must be complete, prompt and be written based on APA Citation Style otherwise the manuscript will be rejected. It is required to use the bibliography section of references menu in Microsoft Office Word or any other reference management software (such as Mendeley, Zotero, Endnote, and ...) suitable for this purpose. Author(s) must avoid writing references manually.