International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 6, No. 7, July 2019 Pages: 542 - 550
Investigating the Role of Food Packaging in Terms of Design and Color in Consumer Purchasing Behavior
Seyed Jaber Hoseini Siahdashti
Corresponding author:
The culture of packaging the manufactured products for the purpose of offering and selling in the target markets is a special case that has taken a special position in recent years and plays an effective role in the sales of a unit. This research was conducted to examine the role of food packaging in terms of design and color in consumer purchasing behavior. The methodology of this research is descriptive-analytic in terms of the nature and objectives of the research and the specificity of the method of collecting information in relation to the desired subject. The collection of information is also based on library literature and research papers in the field of management, marketing and interpretation of articles in the field of art. The basis of this work is based on the analyst and inference of the researcher and in terms of using the results is an applied survey. The results of this research showed that how consumers’ perceive of the value of products that are packaged through communication elements affects their decision. Today's consumers are not only looking to buy things that are practical for them, but also they are trying to meet some of their psychological needs. The visual stimuli in packaging tend to attract the attention of consumers and guide them into understanding diverse products; these perceptions affect consumer purchasing decisions. It is clear that consumers are aware of packaging-based products. Charming graphics and colors lead to a lasting effect on consumer purchasing decisions. It is suggested that by addressing the structure and type of packaging, physical aspects and long-term communication with the client, we encourage him to succeed and thus increase market share. The structure and packaging should also be studied continuously.
Design and color, packaging, shopping behavior.
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