International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 6, No. 9, September 2019 Pages: 672 - 685
Here’s No Fear When You’re Having Fun, Evaluating the Influence of Recreational Activities on Employees’ Well-Being
Irfan Mir Chohan , Rehan Sohail Butt , Rozina Chohan
Corresponding author:
The role of cultural and recreational activities has been underestimated. Purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of cultural and recreational activities on employee’s well-being, and the mediating role of Psychological contract based on the conservation of resource theory. A questionnaire, designed as a self-reported survey, was distributed to full-time employees working in 35 firms (manufacturing sectors) in Pakistan. Data were collected from 400 employee–supervisor dyads. The hypotheses were tested using structural equation modeling. Recreational activities predicted employee’s well-being while psychological contract remained mediator. The research conclusions not only enrich the theoretical research in the field of trade unions but also provide theoretical support for strengthening trade union-enterprise cooperation and building harmonious labor relations.
Recreational activities, trade unions, psychological contract, work well-being, physical and mental health
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