International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 2, No. 8, August 2015 Pages: 801 - 809
Key Elements of Thinking Strategically
Nader Seyed Kalali , Mansoor Momeni , Elham Heydari
Corresponding author:
Strategic thinking is one of the most important capabilities which managers of today’s organizations must possess. Holding companies, due to the kind of problems that they experience, are in serious need of managers capable of strategic thinking. The present research has been conducted with the aim of identifying the individual dimensions of strategic thinking in holding companies’ managers in Iran. In this regard, a number of managers who have had the experience of being members of the board of directors or working as CEOs of these firms have been asked to express their opinions about strategic thinking and their views have been analyzed using fuzzy cognitive maps. Results suggest that having vision, ability to analyze, having systems thinking, ability to question, creativity, ability to make synergy and ability to create advantage are the main elements of strategic thinking in successful managers of holding companies. In addition, the relationships among these variables have been explained.
Strategic thinking, fuzzy cognitive map and holding companies
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