International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 2, No. 9, September 2015 Pages: 1122 - 1129
The Review of Shared Value in Contemporary CSR Run by Two Successful Companies to Sustain the Business in Recent Years
Wong Ai Jean, Rashad Yazdanifard
Corresponding author:
The purpose of this paper is to validate the interdependency between a business and society. It explains the importance of carrying out strategic CSR of shared value rather than just plain practicing philanthropy. In other words, companies need to integrate social responsibility into their core business in order to succeed not only by profit but also changing the world to be better. Besides that, this research also puts two companies into discussion on how they take CSR strategy to a different level that maximizes profit whilst having a strong standing position in the market.
Contemporary CSR, shared value, successful companies, sustainability.
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