International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 3, No. 2, February 2016 Pages: 85 - 104
Identifying Effective Indicators in the Assessment of Organizational Readiness for Accepting Social CRM
Sajjad Shokohyar , Ruhollah Tavallaee , Khadijeh Karamatnia
Corresponding author:
The main objective of this study is to provide a model for assessing organizational readiness for accepting social customer relationship management (SCRM). The dilemma, the organizations are faced with is that they go ahead directly toward the preparation and implementation of new technologies, especially the technology without determining their level of readiness and this causes that they fail at the implementation stage or they do not benefit from the investment and spending they have done. In this research, after studying various resources, in particular, resources related to the assessment of organizational readiness in accepting information systems and social networks-based systems for using in organizations businesses and the proposed models by the mentioned resources, components and sub-components affecting the organization's readiness in accepting SCRM have been identified and extracted. We categorized them in four main categories and dimensions, naming organizational, technological, human and environmental factors. Each of these main components includes sub-components that are mentioned in this research.
Customer relationship management, social customer relationship management, social network, technology, customer.
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