International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 3, No. 3, March 2016 Pages: 211 - 221
Employees’ Productivity and Automated Information System in Telecommunication Organization in Iran
Fatemehsadat Mousavifard , Moharram Kazemi, Abdolhossein Ayoubi
Corresponding author:
This study is done to examine the role of automated information system on employees’ effectiveness and productivity in Telecommunication organization, Shiraz, Iran. Sample population includes employees of Telecommunication organization; 50 employees were selected as participants. This study is s a research survey and it is of descriptive type. Test instruments include Achieve Questionnaire. This study which is performed by the updated information system indicate that there is a direct and meaningful relationship among innovation, creativity, customers’ satisfaction, employees’ efficiency and Information technology variables. The role of employees support in the form of providing new technologies, helping employees to understand and easily making use of them are discussed in performance of the organization. It is observed that is organizational plan in employing new information systems is influential not just in a faster communication among employees, but also in emerging innovations and satisfaction among employees and customers. Cutting edge information technology plays its role as a life saver to an organization not so much high in service-efficiency.
Innovation, productivity, job satisfaction, information technology, efficiency.
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