International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 5, No. 3, March 2018 Pages: 181 - 189
Trade Liberalization and Trade Tax Revenue in Nigeria: Does Causality Exist?
Nwosa Philip Ifeakachukwu
Corresponding author:
Over the years, there has been unresolved debate in the literature and studies have generated mixed results on the direction of influence between trade liberalization and trade tax revenue. Against this background, this study examined the causal nexus between trade liberalization and trade tax revenue in Nigeria with data spanning 1986 to 2014 with a view to determining whether there is any complementarity between trade policy and revenue generation drive of the Nigerian government. Utilizing a bi-variate VAR model, the study observed a unidirectional causation from trade tax revenue to trade liberalization. Base on this finding, the study recommended the need for efficient implementation and functioning of trade policy and to de-emphasize the focus on crude-oil in order to ensure the successful performance of trade liberalization policy. In addition, the implementation of the trade liberalization policy should be guided to mitigate any adverse consequence.
Trade liberalization; Trade tax revenue; VAR; Causality; Nigeria
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