International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 5, No. 3, March 2018 Pages: 118 - 140
Innovation Managers' Competencies: Identification and Prioritization Using a Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Fuzzy Technique
Omid Heidari , Majid Feyz Arefi , Masoumeh Mirjafari Lashkajani
Corresponding author:
In leading organization, considering to strategic intellectual assets capabilities of managers and their management talent are more important. An excellence of organization depends on the development of attitudes and capabilities of managers. On the other hand, managers’ abilities and the creating power of effective organizational strategies are the most important factors to promote motivation, commitment and loyalty of employee. In recent decades, industrial organizations are facing the pressure of innovation, thus an effective innovation management seems necessary that this will be achieved by specific job roles and competencies and special management skills. In order to ensure the ability of managers in areas of innovation, these competencies should be evaluated and also, it is needed to take necessary actions for developing and expanding them. This study aims to identify and prioritize the most influential and eligibility criteria for innovation managers. In present study, we identified and recognize criteria merit for innovative managers, and we used F.DEMATEL method to determine the relationship and how it influence on measures and its severity of influence, also F.ANP is used to prioritize criteria. The result of this research includes a model that consists of three major criteria and 15 sub-criteria. In research model, future studies, management of change and evolution, innovation and entrepreneurship are achieved the first to third priorities.
Competency, Innovation managers, Innovation organizations, FUZZY ANP, FUZZY DEMATEL
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