International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 5, No. 4, April 2018 Pages: 197 - 213
Creating and Developing Learning Organization Dimensions in Educational Settings; Role of Human Resource Development Practitioners
Farhad Alipour , Roohangiz Karimi
Corresponding author:
Nowadays, creating and developing learning organization culture is becoming a main subject in the strategic plans of various organizations. In this regards, the purpose of the study is to develop a conceptual model to show how human resource development can be lead to creating and developing learning organization dimensions especially in educational settings. Based on existing theoretical and empirical evidence, the study develops and presents a conceptual model of the relationship between human resource development practices and learning organization dimensions. Based on the proposed model, human resource development practices such as delivering new knowledge, creating shared vision, reward and recognition, training, create learning atmosphere, mentoring and coaching program, evaluation and promoting employees’ technical, human and cognitive skills can be linked to learning organization dimensions. It is recommended that the model may help human resource development practitioners to better understand the link between human resource development and learning organization dimensions.
Learning organization, educational settings, human resource development, competitive advantages
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