International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 6, No. 2, February 2019 Pages: 99 - 112
The Role of Moral Competence in Enhancing Work Engagement among Nurses
Novia Zahrah , Azelin Aziz , Siti Norasyikin Abdul Hamid
Corresponding author:
The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of moral competence in enhancing work engagement among nurses. A quantitative correlational research and survey method is applied in this study. Staff Nurses of public hospitals in Malaysia were chosen as statistical population and 364 of them were selected as sample through multistage sampling. Data were analyzed by using SPSS and Smart-PLS. The assessment of the measurement model and the assessment of the estimation of the structural model were conducted to test the hypothesis. The result shows a positive and significant relationship between moral competence and work engagement. The findings of this study have posted an important message to healthcare institutions to play a greater role in coordinating and providing nurses a training relating to nurses’ moral competence as an effort as an effort to facilitate nurses to be more resilient in dealing with high job demands and job complexity of nursing tasks, which in turn it will enhances the level of work engagement among nurses.
Moral Competence, Work Engagement, Nurses, Public Hospitals.
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